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June 16 2012


english test for uk spouse visa

UK marriage visa is initially given for any 24 months probationary period and may result in indefinite leave to stay. If you and your spouse have been married or have been around in a civil partnership for at least Four years and also have lived together not in the Great britain and you meet every one of the necessary requirements to keep together, an application for ILR can be produced immediately without the need for 24 months probationary period.

english test for uk

To obtain a UK marriage visa you have to demonstrate that:

• You might be legally married together

• Your lady or husband exists and settled in britain

• Both of you plan to live together permanently as husband and wife.

• You've met the other person before

• You can support yourselves and then any dependant without the the help of public funds.

• You and your husband are over 18 years

• You have suitable accommodation which is owned or lived in just by you as well as your household, where you can do without any assistance.

At the time of submitting the application you have to demonstrate that you will be legally married with a UK citizen or permanent resident. This individual should be your genuine spouse. You must show that you have the familiarity with life in the united kingdom and that you marriage is reputable and continuing.

UK citizenship could be granted for you if you're over 18 a number of are already living in the united kingdom not less than Several years or Three years if you were married to or perhaps in a civil partnership having a British citizen. Here is the most common way of obtaining citizenship. To qualify for a UK citizenship, you have to plan to continue surviving in the united kingdom, you have to constitute sound mind, you have to be capable of communicate in English, welsh or Scottish Gaelic, you need sufficient familiarity with life in the united kingdom, constitute a great character and should satisfy the residential requirements.

a1 spouse visa english test

You need to take the test to get UK citizen, provided you fail another test, if you pass the exam you'll be given a letter proving you've been successful. You are allowed to reside and work in the uk without restriction. You're also eligible to a life in UK and unrestricted admission to the UK and movement within the Eu. You'll be able to be eligible for citizenship after being granted indefinite leave to stay and also qualify through registration or from the right of abode in the united kingdom.

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